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Directions to Resorts

Ziwa Bush Lodge

Take the road out of Nakuru town towards Eldoret, this will be double lanes. When you see the roundabout where Eveready Battery factory is on your right keep going until the next turn left about 2 Kilometres from there at the fly-over and join the Njoro Road. Go about 4 kilometres and you will see a small sign on your left for Ziwa Bush Lodge take the next left onto a murram road. From this point it is 3 kilometres along this murram road (set your odometer) Continue to follow the signs for Ziwa Bush Lodge. (Please note that the road is accessible with small cars)

Google maps link here


Aqua Resort

From the junction where the Ukunda road meets the Diani road, where the Java Coffee House is located, head north for 2.2 kilometre and pass Leopard Beach hotel, continue over the bumps, you will pass Jolly Pizzeria on your left after which the resort is about 200 metres on your right.

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Gift Voucher

To claim your voucher, you must contact reservations and request a booking on the dates you would like to visit the resort. Once you have agreed on the dates, our reservations department will send you a booking confirmation via email. You must show this booking confirmation at the resort for them to allow you access to the holiday home.

Please contact our reservations desk on or 0726 155 111

Terms and Conditions

Please read carefully

  1. Booking confirmation must be presented at the resort in order to claim your booking.
  2. Check-in is before 7:30pm; guests arriving after 7:30pm might be turned away.
  3. The Holiday Home will be available for occupation from 2.00 p.m. on the day of arrival and must be vacated by 10.00 a.m. on the day of departure. The arrival and departure times may be altered upon agreement between the Management Company and the guest, in writing.
  4. The Voucher is not redeemable during school holidays, public holidays or weekends
  5. The Voucher is valid for 6 months from the date indicated on the voucher
  6. Extra charges may incur if more guests arrive than indicated on this voucher.
  7. You will be assigned a holiday home upon check-in at the resort.
  8. The resort reserves the right of admission.
  9. The guest must pay a security bond of Kshs 10,000/= (Ten Thousand Kenyan Shillings) to the Ziwa Bush Lodge Reception upon entering the Holiday Home, this will be held by Ziwa Bush Lodge on trust until the end of the term.
  10. The holiday home is self-catering, and this booking does not include any meals. Advance bookings may be required for resort restaurant and bar
  11. It is the responsibility of the guest to check all the items on the list on the back of the Ziwa Bush Lodge check-in document alongside a Ziwa Bush Lodge representative upon check in and repeating this procedure alongside a Ziwa Bush Lodge representative upon check out. This document must be signed by the guest of the Holiday Home.
  12. The guest is financially responsible to Ziwa Bush Lodge for all breakages, damage and destruction to the Holiday Home property, inclusive of its contents, whether incurred directly or indirectly. guests are financially responsible for any fines incurred and all charges from third parties.
  13. The guest agrees to indemnify Ziwa Bush Lodge against any losses or damages suffered by Ziwa Bush Lodge due to the guest’s breach of its obligations under clause 12 and to immediately, on demand, and before checking-out, reimburse Ziwa Bush Lodge for all such costs. Please see a list of all breakable items within the Holiday Home on the Ziwa Bush Lodge check-in document.
  14. The guest must not permit smoking in the Holiday Home. Smoking may be permitted within the boundaries of the grounds, provided the guest ensures that all associated areas are kept clean from related litter.
  15. The representative of the Management Company, and or Ziwa Bush Lodge, have the right to enter the property and the Holiday Home at any time for inspection and cleaning.
  16. Ziwa Bush Lodge accepts no responsibility for any loss, or damage, to any of the guests’ personal belongings at the Holiday Home, within the Holiday Home grounds, or within the Ziwa Bush Lodge premises.
  17. Ziwa Bush Lodge accepts no responsibility for any injury, personal damage, or death sustained within the Holiday Home, within the Holiday Home grounds, or within the Ziwa Bush Lodge premises.
  18. If any additional facilities provided by the Management Company and or Ziwa Bush Lodge are used by the guest(s), then the guest uses those additional facilities at their sole risk.
  19. If the guest is not entirely satisfied with the Holiday Home, they must immediately contact the Ziwa Bush Lodge Reception.
  20. In the unlikely event that a complaint of the guest is not addressed by Ziwa Bush Lodge Management during the term, the guest may make their complaint, in writing, to the Management Company within 14 days after the end of the term.

How to make a booking

All bookings are handled by our reservations department, please see details below;

Please contact our reservations desk on

0726 155 111

Management fees

Ziwa Bush Lodge

Kshs 15,000/= (plus VAT) per annum

Aqua Resort

Kshs 20,000/= (plus VAT) per annum

Management fees will be due in advance and will be invoiced directly by the resort. As a new owner, Fractional Warehouse will pay your first year’s management fees, however, on the date of the first anniversary, and each consecutive anniversary of signing your offer and commitment to purchase contract, your management fees will be invoiced and due.

What it includes

All repairs and maintenance of the inside and outside of the property, inclusive of all communal areas.

Repairs and maintenance on the indoor and outdoor furniture of the property; furnishings, electrical fittings, mattresses, bed sheets, towels, floor mats and electronics will be replaced when required. Replacing or repairing when needed all the kitchen utensils, cutlery, plates, glasses, mugs, cookers and all kitchen equipment when required.

The upkeep of the gardens and lawns immediately surrounding the property and within all communal areas, ensuring they are conserved.

Maintenance and cleaning of the pool, children’s playing areas and reception.

Insurance and taxes

Utility Fees

Ziwa Bush Lodge

Kshs 1,500/= per night of use

Exclusive of VAT and Catering and Levy charges

Aqua Resort

Kshs 2,000/= per night of use

Exclusive of VAT and Catering and Levy charges

What it includes

Cleaning within the property, outside the property and within all communal areas

Waste/sewage system management and garbage collection

Maid service during your stay (includes washing of the resort bedsheets, bath towels and kitchen towels), LPG Gas for cooking, Check-In and Check-Out, DStv, Internet, Back-up generator, Water and Electricity.

Upgrade your Fractions

As a Fractional Warehouse customer you are able to add additional fractions to your investment portfolio at any time you choose, in any of our resorts. This is a great way increasing your investment potential and also diversifying your portfolio.

Should you wish to add additional fractions or simply upgrade from one resort to another, all you have to do is speak to your relationship manager, who will “hold your hand” every step of the way and guide you through the very simple & painless process.

Exchange your Fractions

We all know that visiting the same destination year after year can become very monotonous. That’s why, here at Fractional Warehouse, we go the extra mile to ensure that you and your family are spoilt for choice.

We currently have two resorts, Ziwa Bush Lodge in Nakuru and Aqua Resort in Diani, with additional amazing locations soon to be added, offering you even more choice.

Should you wish to exchange your fraction/s, all you need to do is pay an exchange fee of

Ksh 5,000/= per week you wish to exchange. Our reservations department will be more than happy to assist with this, you can contact them on the details below.

+254 726 155 111

All you'll need to do then is start packing!

Lease Registration Costs

Once you have completed your payments, it is then time for us to produce and register your official lease, proving by law that you are the rightful legal owner of shares in that property. You will have already been asked to supply all the necessary documentation (passport size photo’s, KRA Pin & copies of ID) before your last payment, which we will need, in order to process your lease agreement. The costs that you are required to pay are stamp duty, valuation cost, lease registration cost & legal fees. These are stipulated by the government. Please feel free to contact your personal relationship manager at any time, for further information or assistance.

Fractional ownership of property
Fractional ownership of property