Experience Fractional Ownership


At Fractional Warehouse we divide holiday homes into fractions so that one home is owned by more than one person; allowing us to sell luxurious homes in some of Kenya’s most beautiful locations for just a fraction of the normal price.

Fractional Warehouse provides you with the opportunity to own a holiday home which you can holiday in annually for the next 99 years.


One fraction is worth one week.



Should you purchase more than one week you may choose to use your holiday on several separate holidays throughout the year.

Once you have purchased your fraction, you have financially invested in a holiday home for you and your loved ones. As an investor, you may choose to use your fraction, rent out your fraction at competitive rates or sell your fraction for a profit. You will also be given the opportunity to holiday at Fractional Warehouse’s other resorts in East Africa or at our other affiliated resorts within Kenya or internationally using our partner RCI, at a very affordable holiday exchange fee. See below for details.


How does Fractional Ownership work?

Fractional ownership of property

Stay at your home Resort year after year. Or enjoy holidaying within one of our other boutique lodges for a new experience. 

Fractional Warehouse provides buyers and family members with the opportunity of owning a beautiful holiday home in dream locations – a precious home to call their own and create lasting memories. 


The beauty of Fractional Ownership is that it allows investors to own luxury holiday and investment property at extremely pocket-friendly prices.


Due to the fact that we only build our luxury properties in highly sought after locations, you also have the confidence of knowing that not only are you guaranteed amazing holidays year after year but also that your property is increasing in value every single day. Meaning that you are making money while on holiday!


When you join hands with us at Fractional Warehouse you enjoy all the benefits of owning an exceptional holiday home at a fraction of the cost, and without any of the management responsibilities.


Preparing the home for your arrival, stocking your fridge, choosing dates, maintaining the gardens and on-site facilities; Fractional Warehouse takes care of all the usual holiday home headaches so that you can focus on resting, relaxing and making memories with your loved ones! 

Experience holidaying in beautiful spacious villas or apartments, complete with a well-equipped kitchen, uniquely tasteful furnishings and thoughtful touches.

Enjoy staying within boutique lodges around the world through our exchange program.


RCI Primary.png

Our affiliation with RCI allows you to exchange your locally owned fractions with affiliated resorts all around the world. When you finalise your purchase and become an owner with Fractional Warehouse, we will pay your first-year membership to RCI allowing you to start enjoying holidays across the globe. Rates are quoted in South African Rand, the yearly management fee will be charged by Fractional Warehouse and is due within 30 days of the invoice which will be sent out at the end of each year. The membership fee will be charged in Kenyan Shillings at the prevailing daily exchange rate. Exchange fees are payable directly to RCI, and will be charged in South African Rand.

Fractional ownership of property
Fractional ownership of property

A place to holiday and a place to call home

What people say

Owning fractions with Fractional Warehouse gives us the opportunity to not only travel the world at heavily discounted prices but also own shared in a beautiful holiday property that is part of the vast network of holiday resorts under Fractional Warehouse was too good to not invest in immediately.

Myself and my family no longer go on holidays as tourists but as owners of our own property, thanks to the company’s flexible and unique work and play accommodations and services. I personally recommend Fractional Warehouse. 


Betty Adera
CEO BettyAdera Foundation 
Ms President Nairobi County
KFCB Brand Ambassador