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Fractional Ownership began in the USA in the 1980s by a gentleman called Mr Richard Santulli. When the concept first started, it allowed companies to invest in shares in a private aeroplane, equivalent to the time they needed to use that plane in a year. So instead of them having to purchase the entire plane for themselves, which of course would cost them millions of dollars, they started to invest in the fractions or shares in the plane that they needed, which in turn made it much more affordable!


The concept went on to become popular across the luxury holiday and investment property sector. Very quickly fractional ownership became the most popular way, for people just like us, to own luxury property at an extremely affordable price. 


In order to enable you to own luxury property at an extremely affordable price, we build amazing five-star villas within luxury resorts, and we split them into 52 equal shares/fractions; one share/fraction for every week of the year.

Not only are these villas built furnished and finished to the highest international standards but they are all built with fully-fitted and fully-equipped kitchens.

All of our resorts are built in some of the most beautiful locations in the country, offering you and your family use of all of the amazing on-site facilities, such as the onsite picturesque swimming pools. 


Once you’ve finished paying for your fraction you will receive a fully registered 99-year lease which is, just the same as the lease you'd receive for any other property investment in Kenya, showing full proof of ownership, and is fully bankable collateral. This now means that you can take your family on holiday every single year, staying within your own property, for the next 99 years, absolutely free of charge!


We ensure your home is fully managed and maintained, taking away the concerns that usually come with ownership and guaranteeing your holiday home always looks its best.


Ownership takes your annual holidays from a possibility and turns them into a certainty – providing you with the satisfaction of a 99-year registered lease, knowing that every year your family’s dream holiday is catered for whilst being a sound investment.

How does Fractional Ownership work?

Stay at your Home Resort year after year. Or enjoy holidaying within one of our other boutique lodges for a new experience. 

Fractional Warehouse provides buyers and family members with the opportunity of owning a beautiful holiday home in dream locations – a precious home to call their own and create lasting memories. 


The beauty of Fractional Ownership is that it allows investors to own luxury holiday and investment property at extremely pocket-friendly prices.


Due to the fact that we only build our luxury properties in highly sought after locations, you also have the confidence of knowing that not only are you guaranteed amazing holidays year after year but also that your property is increasing in value every single day. Meaning that you are making money while on holiday!


When you join hands with us at Fractional Warehouse you enjoy all the benefits of owning an exceptional holiday home at a fraction of the cost, and without any of the management responsibilities.


Preparing the home for your arrival, stocking your fridge, choosing dates, maintaining the gardens and on-site facilities; Fractional Warehouse takes care of all the usual holiday home headaches so that you can focus on resting, relaxing and making memories with your loved ones! 

Experience holidaying in beautiful spacious villas or apartments, complete with a well-equipped kitchen, uniquely tasteful furnishings and thoughtful touches.

Enjoy staying within boutique lodges around the world through our exchange program.

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