Owner Benefits


Upon purchase of your holiday home your will receive the below benefits, giving you the lifestyle you deserve.

Management Fee

The first-year management fee paid by Fractional Warehouse (a saving of up to Kshs 20,000/= depending on which resort you have purchased).

Purchase Price

Fractional Warehouse offers flexible payment terms from as little as Kshs 15,300/= per month.

Fractional ownership

Referral Program

Our referral program gives you up to Kshs 70,000/= for each buying client you send to Fractional Warehouse. Click on the button below for more details. 

Discount Voucher

Upon joining the Fractional Warehouse family you will receive a discount voucher for 4 nights for 4 people for only Kshs 6,000/= at our amazing Nakuru resort - Ziwa Bush Lodge. (valued at Kshs 64,000/=


Rental Assitance Pool

An amazing opportunity for clients who do not want to use their fractions but would like to earn a small return on their investment.


Make Money

Earn money by renting out your fraction/s to friends and family, even acquire the services of a local travel agent to book clients into your fraction/s. The sky is the limit.



Amazing discounted offers on some of the worlds best accommodation through our international network of resorts - check them out in the link below.

Local Excahanges

Exchange your fraction with our ever growing collection of resorts in East Africa at no cost. Enjoy multiple incredible destination with just one fraction.

Fractional ownership

99-Years of Holidays

Once you’ve finished paying for your fraction you will receive a fully registered 99-year lease which is, just the same as the lease you'd receive for any other property investment in Kenya, showing full proof of ownership, and is fully bankable collateral. This now means that you can take your family on holiday every single year, staying within your own property, for the next 99 years, absolutely free of charge!

Peace of Mind

We ensure your home is fully managed and maintained, taking away the concerns that usually come with ownership and guaranteeing your holiday home always looks its best.