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5 Exciting Ways to Make a Difference this Holiday Season

The holidays are here and while we at Fractional Warehouse like to sell vacations and give you tips on how to travel safe and enjoy every destination you pick, we also like to make a difference around us. In the spirit of the festive season, we take a break this week on our travel tips and posts to give you some ideas on how to make a difference this season.

It’s been a tough year. So much has been lost which is why there are more people who could use your help around you. Giving back even the little you have will not only bring a smile to their faces but will also make you feel great about yourself.

Here are 5 exciting ways to make a difference this holiday season:

1. Send gifts to an orphanage

One of the most popular activities during the festive season is gifting. That said, understandably, the reason why there are several children at orphanages is that they have no one to take care of them. While they often feel neglected, one way to bring a smile and hope to them is by sending them a few gifts during this festive season. They don’t have to be the most elaborate as in this case it’s the thought that counts. You can get creative and make the gifts yourself. You will have lots of fun doing DIY gifts and wrapping everything by yourself. However, if you can afford it, buy some gifts and send them over to a children’s home and bring a smile to those children’s faces.

2. Do a food drive

Food is a big part of the holidays. People look forward to sitting with family and indulging in the most sumptuous meals as they catch up and enjoy each other’s company. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford a meal during these holiday times. That’s why one exciting way to make a difference this holiday season is to organize a food drive. You could gather your friends or reach out to different organizations and partner with them to provide food to those who cannot afford some in your neighborhood, town or region. It will definitely give them a reason to celebrate.

3. Donate

Undoubtedly, we all have items or clothes that we nolonger use or we are guilty of buying things that we ended up not using at all. Instead of having all these sitting around your home, an exciting thing to do this festive season would be to gather them, from toys to clothes, utensils to footwear and donate all of them to the less fortunate. Several people will easily find use for thee in their daily lives when you graciously donate to them.

4. Give your time

Sometimes, we are not in a position to give material things. However, we can still give something else, our time. We all have different gifts and talents so why not put together a Christmas performance for a retirement home, a children’s home or any group of people who have had a rough time this year. Entertaining, educating or playing with the children will make them feel loved and cared about. You’ll have fun while doing so and remind them that someone cares for them.

5. Give a raise or a holiday package

Making a difference in people’s life is not only limited to those who lack completely. You could do the same for your employees for example. Understandably, we’ve seen some tough financial times in 2020. However, if you can make an exception this month, you could give your employees a holiday package. It doesn’t have to be too much but your employees will appreciate any extras above what they receive monthly. It will also motivate them more. If you can’t afford a holiday package, you could substitute it with a few more days off than what they expect. Your employees often spend more time working for you than with their families and this will give them the chance to reconnect with their loved ones more.

These 5 exciting ways to make a difference this holiday season will not only benefit those you’re helping out but will also have a huge impact on you as a person.

Happy Holidays!

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