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5 Good Reasons Why You Should Tour Your Own Country

Who doesn’t love a vacation? We often dream of lying somewhere on the beach, climbing that tall mountain, seeing some unique creatures, participating in activities that blow our minds like extreme sports and so on. When these dreams or thoughts cross our minds, we often think of globetrotting. However, how can you truly know who you are if you do not have an understanding of where you’re from?

There’s so much to see in your own country. Here in Kenya for example, you would be amazed if you just gave domestic tourism a chance. There’s a lot to see from diverse animal, bird and plant species, meeting new people and trying different foods. Besides, with the COVID-19 pandemic still around, it probably is the best and safest option for people who are travelers at heart, seeing as flights are still not an option for travelling outside the country.

We thought we’d give you a few reasons why you should be a tourist in your own country. They include:

1. It helps you discover yourself and who you are

Being a tourist in your own country provides the perfect opportunity for you to learn more about yourself. In Kenya, there are many historical sites from which different people can learn about their culture. They can learn more about their origin, ancient practices, more about the language they speak, the things that inspired their people back in the day, the economic activities, their beliefs, among others.

Exploring a historical town like Lamu for example will help you understand more about the Swahili culture as Lamu, despite having received tourists from all over the world for so many years, has managed to retain its originality. You could visit museums in Kisumu to learn more about the Luo culture, in the Rift Valley to learn about the Kalenjin culture, among others. It’s truly a journey of self-discovery. It also helps you learn about your town or country’s background; information that you can proudly share with the rest of the world.

2. It builds your country’s economy

Being a tourist in your own country provides a great opportunity to build the economy. The COVID-19 pandemic has hit nations in different ways economically. The tourism sector has felt the heat most and as economies start to slowly open up, your country will be counting on you. It’s a chance to enrich local resorts, hotels and other accommodation facilities in your own small way.

It’s a great opportunity to spend on local national parks, game reserves and other attractions. Most importantly, it helps support local businesses and create employment for people as you will need to be taken care of during your domestic tourism adventures. The money you pay is also helpful in the maintenance and sustenance of these attractions and facilities so that in the long run, when flights can come into the country, they’ll be able to cater to foreign tourists who add to the revenue of the country.

3. It helps you save more money

Still on financial matters, touring your own country will help you save your money significantly while you enjoy the wonders that this world has to offer. Right from the start, you will pay less for services. Domestic flights are cheaper than international ones. In fact, while traveling within your country, you have a variety of travel options to choose from in order to get to your destination. These options such as road travel are significantly cheaper. In some cases, you could even walk or ride a bike if the attraction is near you.

The rates at different parks, game reserves and other attractions differ for different tourists. A domestic tourist often pays a smaller entry fee compared to an international one. So take advantage, will you? It’s worth it. You’ll even find it easier to move around at the destination.

4. You get more time to explore

When you think of international travel, you have to factor in the amount of time it will take you to get to your destination. This time is usually longer for international tourism. However, it takes a shorter time to travel within. Few or no connecting flights needed. No airport delays and you will not need to spend too much time at immigration offices and embassies trying to obtain travel documents for your adventure. As such, you get more time to explore.

You will be able to visit more places and learn much more within that time that you could have spent showing the officials at an airport that you are rightfully in their country for example. You’ll taste more traditional dishes, visit more beaches, see more animals, engage in more sporting activities, just to name a few.

5. It inspires your future travels

The best part about touring your own country is that you can always start with the place nearest to you. This helps you develop a new and fresh perspective of your area that will invoke a desire to see more of what your local area has to offer. In the process, you will be inspired to travel to even more places in future. Besides, it is easier to plan even more trips when you’re closer to your home making domestic tourism perfect for those with very busy schedules.

Remember, the objective of travel is not necessarily to be in a foreign place, rather, to get an experience that you wouldn’t get while you’re at your home. There are many more reasons why you should tour your own country but for now, we hope these five inspire you to start.

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