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5 Great Groups of Luxury Travellers in Kenya

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Luxury travellers are people after a unique and memorable time that involves personalized experiences in every sense. They enjoy travel with privacy, protection, discretion and contacts by the best service providers and suppliers, often in luxury holiday homes, luxury hotels or any other type of luxury property.

There are different types of luxury travelers that include:

No limit luxury travellers

While luxury travel generally involves indulging in high-end services, some people actually have an amount of money they choose not to spend beyond, but not this group. For this group of luxury travellers, money is never a problem and because of that, they already have highly specific expectations. They travel with a full focus on their trip not accepting any interruptions and not allowing any kind of incident to stand in the way of their enjoying the luxury trip during the full amount of time they set aside for travel. They often use luxury transport services, VIP security and value the utmost privacy. They’re often repeat travelers and certain service providers know them well because of it.

The casual luxury travellers

This type of luxury travelers are often after a unique experience motivated by different celebrations. They are often open to new experiences and will gladly take suggestions on what else they could do during their luxury experience. Compared to no-limit luxury travellers, their budget is a bit limited which is why they’re not repeat luxury travelers. They also don’t have very specific expectations.

Bluxury travellers

This is a group of luxury travellers that consists of high-profile business people that choose to combine their business trip with a few days of luxury leisure. Such luxury travelers are increasing in number and different companies are today allowing their top executives to take a few extra days to enjoy the destination when they go out for business purposes. Their luxury travel packages often involve unique custom-made itineraries.

Luxury travellers with resources but insufficient time

This group of travelers has all the financial resources needed for the most premium services and experiences. However, they are pressed for time. As such, they give plenty of value to their brief leisure moments and because of the types of jobs they hold, they maintain flexibility while planning their itineraries. These luxury travellers will often hire the services of external organizations in creating their itineraries especially if they involve third parties.

Particularly opulent luxury travellers

These luxury travellers feel the need to be seen and to let others know that they are having the time of their lives at their destination. Since they will be putting up posts on this on their social media, they only seek the most glamorous and luxurious experiences. They look for authentic experiences that are new to others as they’re after an appealing reputation among members of their social network.

Those are the five top luxury travellers you can find in Kenya today and it’s highly important for anyone organizing a luxury travel itinerary to understand which group the travelers fall under so as to design the best trip.

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