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5 Ideas On How To Bring The Beach To Your Home


We hope you enjoyed our previous read remembering a night out at Ziwa Lodge. So, unfortunately, COVID-19 has us cooped at home at the moment, and for as long as no one can tell when things can get back to the way they previously were, staying at home is the safest thing to do.

We all miss certain outdoor activities. If going to the beach and inhaling the smell of the sea, feeling the breeze of the ocean and the sand in your feet, is one of them, then we might just have some great ideas for you. You may not be able to go to the beach, but you can bring the beach to your home in five simple ways. They include:

1. Displaying your favorite beach finds

If you are a lover of the beach then you probably have a collection of items or pieces from your previous trips there. How about grabbing a few of your favorite ones and putting them on display. Some shells, a jar of sandstones, and pieces of driftwood will do the trick. Added to these beach finds, you can blow up a nice picture you took while enjoying yourself at the beach and hang it up for that beach type of ambiance.

2. Adopting a beach vacation meal ritual at home

If you were on vacation at the beach, what would your meals look like? How would they be served? Since you cannot make it to the beach, you can bring the beach home by creating a menu of foods often served there and making and serving them at home. Add some tropical drinks to the menu. Put some special cream in your coffee just as they do within the luxury beach resorts. While serving these meals at home you can also play some great music for that beach vibe.

3. Setting up your spaces in relaxing beach colors

You can also bring the beach to your home by redecorating the spaces in which you spend most of your time. In a bedroom, for example, swap your normal pillowcases or bed covers with others that come in more relaxing colors such as those found in beach cottages. You can change up the lamps and even the curtains so that you have more lighting. Get some empty glass jars and paint them in beach colors if you can. You could also do the same for your yard. Set up your beach mats out on the yard and soak up some sun while lying on them with a nice tropical drink and a magazine perhaps, just like you would if you were by the coast.

4. Wearing touristy outfits

You might not be able to dress up in touristy outfits for the beach at the moment but nobody said you can’t wear them at home either. How about bringing out those fun beach clothes to the front of your closet and wearing them while you display your beach finds and serve beach foods. Wear your summer dresses or Hawaiian shorts. Add your sunglasses and hats if your setup is out on your front or back yard - and for a few moments, you will feel as though you are actually at the coast.

5. Going offline more and add the sound of the waves

One of the best things to do at the beach is to get away from everything and fall asleep to the sound of the ocean. You can actually bring this relaxing beach feeling to your home by getting away from your phone and other gadgets for a while and playing some calm ocean sounds. With these calming ocean sounds, you can do some meditation or better yet fall asleep undisturbed by social media notifications, emails, or news about the COVID-19 cases.

While these five tips on how to bring the beach to your home might not bring about the entire experience, they go a long way in helping you miss the beach less especially during these times. They will help you to feel as though you are actually. Even if just for a few minutes.

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