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5 Must-Visit Beaches at the Kenyan Coast

The restrictions on travel are being reduced or even lifted in different countries globally. The COVID-19 pandemic might not be gone completely but there is hope for the adventurous soul who likes to travel because we might just be able to do that sooner with the gradual opening up of economies. We hope our previous post on reasons why you should take a beach vacation when we can finally travel got you inspired to once again consider visiting the coast.

While you think of it, how about reading more on our suggestions on which ones to visit. Here are five must-visit beaches at the Kenyan coast.

1. Diani

Located 30km south of the coastal city of Mombasa, Diani is undoubtedly the most beautiful beach in Kenya. It is very popular, understandably for the beautiful palm vegetation found along the beach, coral reefs, the sand bars underwater and the fact that while you lie on the beautiful sand you can experience the warmth of the sun in tranquility. It’s really a wonderful experience.

The beach is also great if you are a fan of swimming and is a great spot for surfers and people who are generally interested in a variety of water sports. In case you like to take a calming walk every now and then you can do just that on the beach or better yet, how about a picnic there with your loved ones? You can enjoy a meal or some snacks while you take in the beauty of the deep blue sea.

2. Nyali

Nyali beach is just 5 km from Mombasa city. It is another go-to beach if you’re looking for a calm and relaxing ambiance. The area has a wealth of beach resorts that cater to different types of people. As such you can enjoy the deluxe accommodation options.

You can sunbathe on the beach or take a dip in the ocean. You could also play with your kids on the sand and build lots of sandcastles. While there, you will feel free and comfortable as the beach is not crowded. You can, therefore, engage in water sports such as surfing while you explore the scenery in the area.

3. Lamu and Shela

Lamu is a beautiful historical town on the Kenyan coast. The old scenic island has even made it to the UNESCO world heritage sites list. It is a great place for that much-needed getaway from the hustles of the cities and mainland towns because the environment, which includes uniquely built buildings, and the Manda and Shela beaches are unique to the place. You can also enjoy the sight of the enchanting waterfronts and the great weather throughout the year.

4. Shanzu

Shanzu is located off the Mombasa-Malindi highway. It is a beautiful beach with lots of coconut palm groves and beach resorts, restaurants and bars in the surrounding. The sand is beautifully white and it is refreshing to view the vast ocean while you relax on it. From the Shanzu beach, you can engage in other activities that will satisfy your need for adventure.

5. Turtle Bay, Watamu

Turtle Bay is another must-visit beach at the Kenyan coast. It is located 15km south of Malindi Town. It is a long-stretch beach famous for its clear waters, beautiful white sands that feel soft under one’s feet and reefs. You will particularly enjoy it if you love to swim, surf, sunbathe, or just take a nice walk on the shores.

Luckily, we do not have to wait for international travel to resume for us to enjoy some time on stunning beaches. These are just five from a long list of world-famous beaches in Kenya. They have so much to offer. So instead of dreaming of globe-trotting, how about adding these five beaches to your bucket list instead.

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