6 Activities to Make This Easter Memorable

Although most celebrations have been cancelled, Easter doesn't have to be one of them. We may be stuck at home, but there are many ways to celebrate Easter without breaking social distancing rules. Here are five activities to make this Easter one to remember for the entire family.

1. Invent a new Easter tradition.

2020 has been a year of many firsts for us, and an equally great time to start new family traditions. Our plans may have been affected by the pandemic, but we can always reinvent Easter and make it more personalised. From a new Easter dessert, to an Easter-themed indoor activity, this year could be the start of a tradition that may be passed over from generation to generation.

2. Plan an Easter egg hunt

With all Easter activities cancelled, parents all over are torn on how to make Easter special for their children. This old tradition can easily be made into an activity for the entire family. Make it extra special and fill notes for the family to bring positivity during these trying times.

3. Get Creative

The kids are probably tired of staying indoors with not much to do. Keep them busy with homemade crafts such as decorating eggs, making Easter bunnies or even egg stamps. YouTube channels such as Craft Factory have simple, easy to follow tutorials to keep your creative juices flowing this Easter weekend - try them out!

4. Bring church to your home

Just because we’re social distancing does not mean you can’t attend a church service. You and the family can enjoy the Easter service from the comfort of your home - why not make it even more special by dressing up?

5. Have an Easter Brunch

You don’t have to miss out on Sunday brunch. Make your favourite holiday meals, video call your extended family or friends while you eat or even order online from your favourite restaurants. Don’t forget to document this unique celebration by taking a few photos and selfies!

6. Organise Easter games

There are tons of games your family can play together such as a bunny hop race or even Easter egg toss. For older kids, give your favourite games an Easter twist: Play Scrabble with only Easter themed words.

There are several activities you can take part in this Easter to make it memorable for your family. Let us know how you’re celebrating the holidays while social distancing on our social: @fractionalwarehouse on Instagram, and Fractional Warehouse on Facebook.

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