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Creative Ways to Travel the World without Leaving Home

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

We’ve been cooped at home for quite a while and for an adventurous soul, the situation is definitely more difficult. With so many restrictions including banning of air travel, lockdowns in cities that make for some of the world’s most popular tourism attraction sites and social distancing, traveling the world seems impossible for now. Thankfully, owing to technology, we can still travel from the comfort of our homes.

Here are 5 creative ways to travel the world without leaving home

1. Explore popular destinations virtually

Virtual tours have grown in popularity and today, lots of popular museums such as the Louvre and Guggenheim, among many others allow for one to do just that. You can also explore other iconic monuments such as the Statue of Liberty and the Grand Canyon, to name a few, virtually courtesy of the Google Arts & Culture platform. With it, all you need to do is browse through the list of available sites or museums and click on the ones you are most interested in learning about. The platform has content from over 2000 leading museums as well as archives and you can view images and videos in high-quality resolution. It will feel real.

2. Go on a virtual Disney Ride

Speaking of going virtual, not only can you explore museums but you can also go on a Disney ride. That’s right. The happiest place in the world has now been made more accessible for a cheaper price. A number of Disney parks in different countries are offering these virtual rides services especially now that the parks are closed. You can now go on that ride on the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, sing at the Magic Kingdom, explore the Big Thunder Mountain, visit the Disney Hollywood Studios among many other places in Disney, all from the comfort of your couch.

3. Prepare or order meals from different countries

Cuisine is a big part of travel and just because you can barely leave your home does not mean you cannot go international with what you eat. Another creative way to travel the world without leaving your home is to grab a bunch of cookbooks with international recipes you can try. If you can’t find these, the internet is your friend. There are recipes on all delicacies online, from different countries that you could make by yourself at home. That way you could try Mexican today, Chinese tomorrow and Swahili the next. In case you’re not particularly keen on cooking, you could always order a meal of cultural choice.

4. Create your own travel resort

This is definitely another creative way to travel the world from your home. Part of travel is the accommodation, and with a bit of creativity, you can set up an ambiance similar to that of a tropical resort, or beach area for example. Make use of your back yard or poolside if you have them. In case you do not, use your rooms to do so. You can get decor inspiration from sites such as Pinterest and then get to setting up. Change up those curtains and sheets, find those flowers or plants that will give you a similar vibe and enjoy it for as long as you’d like to.

5. Watch travel movies

Ever watched a movie and felt like you were right there at the scene? It happens a lot which is why watching travel-inspired movies is a great way to travel around the world without leaving your home during this COVD-19 pandemic period. We live in a time where platforms such as Netflix and many others can bring travel to your fingertips owing to the number of travel-inspired movies and TV series you can watch on them. While you are at it, you will get to add more destinations to your travel bucket list.

That’s our list of five creative ways to travel the world without leaving home. That said, it is worth saving up to travel again once the restrictions and travel bans are lifted. That’s because this list will for sure add to your travel bucket list.

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