Five activities to do with kids while Social Distancing

Schools are closed. Travel is not an option. Playdates are out. And you’re stuck at home. So, how can you keep your family creatively entertained while you are cooped up in your house? Here are five Fractional Warehouse approved activities that will surely keep the cabin fever at bay.

1. Visit virtual libraries

We all understand that reading has a significant number of benefits and with most physical libraries closed, virtual libraries are here to save the day. Libraries such as The Online Books Page offer tons of ebooks to be read or downloaded for free.

2. Take a virtual tour of a museum

Many museums are offering free virtual tours of their museums.

From the diplodocus to the dodo, botany to butterflies, giant crystals to specimens in jars … London’s Natural History Museum ’s vast collection has long been a favourite of both Londoners and tourists. Get lost in the corridors and gallery spaces, online.

Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam has a vast collection of art and historical objects across 80 galleries. The interactive tour helps viewers get up close to the works of Vermeer, Rembrandt and other Dutch masters while exploring the Great Hall and beyond.

The Museu de Arte de São Paulo has one of the broadest historical collections available to view in its virtual gallery platform, spanning from the 14th to 20th centuries. Paintings appear suspended in the air around the open-plan space and on glass panels referred to as crystal easels by the museum.

3. Try gardening

If you have an outdoor area or indoor space that you don’t mind getting muddy, now is the perfect time to learn about microgreens, composting and starting kitchen gardens. Youtube channel BK Gardenz offers some insights on gardening through how-to videos to get you started.

4. Be artsy

A lot of artists, designers and creators are using the internet to give mini-lessons. Artist Mo Willem's "Lunch Doodles" welcomes viewers to his home studio and offers tutorials on drawing activities using characters created by him as inspiration.

Artist Jarrett J. Krosoczka's "Draw Every Day with JJK" uses his Youtube channel to offer lessons on basics in drawing such as proportions and expressions.

5. Learn a new skill

There has never been a better time to widen your skillset. Take advantage of the various resources on the internet to learn something you have always wanted to know - it could be coding, writing or even a new language.

There are several activities such as gardening or online reading you can take part in with your family to keep the cabin fever at bay - the only limit is your creativity! Let us know how you’re keeping your family entertained on our social @fractionalwarehouse on Instagram, and Fractional Warehouse on Facebook.

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