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Five Fun Things To Do While In Diani

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

In our previous post on the must-visit beaches at the Kenyan coast, we did mention that Diani was the most popular among the ones on our list. Rightfully so because it is a beautiful beach that not only provides a welcome break from the hustle and bustle and allows you to relax in a serene environment whilst offering an opportunity for an adventure like no other.

As such, today we discuss our top five fun activities to engage in while in Diani.

1. Skydiving

The stunning Diani beach is home to Skydiving Diani, which is the only permanent Kenyan Skydiving club. This particular club organizes a host of skydiving events that attract people from all over the world. It is well equipped making skydiving there very safe. Aside from the beautiful beach and availability of equipment and the necessary gear, the weather often favors the sport. The clear skies will make your skydiving experience enjoyable.

Every year, in the months of March and November, the club organizes events weekly that provide an opportunity for different people to get exclusive professional training on the sport and enjoy the different antiques in skydiving.

2. Visiting the Shimba Hills

A visit to Diani is certainly not complete without a visit to the Shimba Hills. This, of course applies to you if you are a big fan of the Big Five and would like an opportunity to see them up close alongside other creatures of the wild. Shimba Hills happens to be the second-largest coastal forest in East Africa. This National reserve is only a 45-minute drive from Diani beach and the best part of it is that entry is absolutely free.

Aside from the forest’s wealth when it comes to wildlife, there exist over 111 species of birds in it. You have the option of going on a picnic there or even spending the entire night at the safe park inside. Should you choose the camping option, a camping guide will be there to assist you and you will enjoy unwinding in nature.

3. Boat excursions

When in Diani, why not go on a boat excursion? You can explore the beautiful Robinson Island with the help of the glass boat guides who are always along the beach ready to take you through the excursion. At the island, you will get the opportunity to unwind in nature and connect with it. You will feel the white beach sand under your feet which is therapeutic, you can sunbathe and if you are a big fan of art, why not get it done on your skin by getting a henna tattoo.

4. Snorkeling

Imagine having the opportunity to explore marine life in its diversity. Well another fun thing to do while in Diani is snorkeling at the Robinson Island. With just your flippers and goggles ready, you can enjoy exploring what the coral reefs in Diani have to offer. Aside from it being fun, snorkeling also has a number of health benefits. It’s an activity that will help you maintain body fitness, it improves your mental health and most of all, it helps you overcome your fears but in a fun and more relaxed way.

5. Playing golf

If you are not so much into extreme sports, then a fun thing to do In Diani is playing golf. The Leisure Lodge Golf Club boasts a golf course that is on a world-class level and is among the best in the East African region. The golf-course is surrounded by pine trees and the overall beauty of the environment will make your golfing experience even more exciting.

Aside from that, the 6084 metre stretch course has 85 bunkers and a lake and while you’re there you can also watch the different types of birds.

We hope this list of five things to do while in Diani inspires you to start planning a trip there soon. There’s so much to see and do so our list just highlights a few of the activities the beautiful coastal beach area offers.

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