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How to Celebrate International Women’s Day in a Meaningful Way

We hope you’ve been enjoying our travel posts so far. However, at Fractional Warehouse, we like to take a break from these to give you tips and more information on special dates and events on the global calendar. That said, it’s March, a month mostly dedicated to celebrating those special women in our lives. To be more precise, women’s day falls on 8th March, next week but how much do you know about it? How can you celebrate International Women’s Day?

Learn about the history of the day

Before you mark a given day on the calendar, it is important to find out what it’s about for you to celebrate it accordingly, right? International Women’s Day was first held in Germany on 8th March 1914. It was a day that was set aside to champion for the women’s right to vote. They however did not attain this until 1918. Today, the whole world marks women’s day on the same date every year. It’s a day to celebrate women’s achievements in politics, their social and cultural life and their economic achievements.

Acknowledge the important women in your life

Since we see these women and perhaps spend time with them everyday, we sometimes overlook or forget just how significant their presence is in our lives. Women’s Day presents a great opportunity for you to show them your appreciation. You could express your love for them or give them some simple words of encouragement. These will certainly inspire them to keep going. Give them a call, face time that special woman or send them an email acknowledging their importance. You could also send them a gift. Big or small, they will surely appreciate the thought and gesture.

Take a trip

In honor of Women’s Day, you and your friends could take an all-women’s trip out of town. A short vacation presents an opportunity for you to take a break away from your normal schedules. It’s a great chance to appreciate yourselves and celebrate your achievements. It’s also a good opportunity to reconnect, reflect on your lives, and find ways of overcoming the different challenges you face everyday. You can also talk about how to be even better at what you do and how to get ahead in life.

Spend time or donate to a women’s charity or cause

Today, there are several charities and foundations dedicated to helping young girls and women. What better day to step out of your normal duties and spend time with the girls or women in such than International Women’s Day? It’s an opportunity for you to inspire the young girls and empower the women these foundations work with. You could also donate to charities dedicated to women instead or do both. These activities will not only help them but will also make you feel better about yourself.

Involve men who identify beyond gender in the conversations and celebrations

It’s easy to get so wrapped up in planning this day with only women and to have your plans, conversations and initiatives targeted towards women. However, it is highly important to involve men who identify beyond gender in these conversations and plans. They should be included and become equal advocates when it comes to fighting for women’s rights. When men are involved, there is more progress as they are also able to advise other men accordingly. So invite them whether they are your colleagues, friends, or even teammates to participate in your Women’s Day celebrations and conversations.

The above are great ideas on how to celebrate International Women’s Day in a meaningful way. Should you choose to go on trip, you can watch a full tour of the Ziwa Bush Lodge below for an idea of what to expect.

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Happy Women's Day!

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