How to hike like a pro

Hiking lets you discover some of nature’s best-kept secrets. It is a great way to enjoy Nakuru’s outdoors offering and get in some exercise at the same time. Here’s a guide for a first-time hiker that will get you hiking like a pro!

Dress well and choose the right footwear

Wear comfortable, breathable trousers. Avoid wearing jeans when going for a hike as they are uncomfortable on longer trails. During the cold season, they will not keep you warm.

If you’re going for an early morning hike in Nakuru, be sure to layer up. Wear wool socks and avoid wearing cotton because it absorbs moisture, becomes heavy with sweat and takes a long time to dry.

Trainers are a suitable option when hiking on level ground, but if you’re planning to hike in a hilly or mountainous terrain like Menengai Crater, opt for hiking boots.


Get in shape before you hike. Exercise and stretch daily to prepare your body. Consider doing some light stretching in between trails. Use trekking poles to aid your balance on uneven ground and protect your knees from heavy impact enroute.


Stay hydrated while hiking to prevent dehydration and always carry enough water to last the trip.

Carry Food

This is essential to any hiking trip to ensure your energy reserves stay high. Carry extra food in case you find yourself in a tough spot. Lightweight foods like energy bars are great because they won’t add weight to your backpack.

Pack the essentials

Remember to pack all the hiking essentials in your backpack - tissues, a box of matches, insect repellent, a torch and a foldable waterproof jacket, to name a few.

Use a map, compass or GPS

These tools will help you to trace your path and know the way forward. Always remember to share your hiking route with another person in case anything happens on the walk. You can also opt to hike with a friend.

Lastly, remember to moisturise, moisturise, moisturise and apply sunscreen to prevent any sunburn.

For trail ideas, check out our blog on the top spots in Nakuru. Happy trails!

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