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Is it too early to start planning a vacation?

Sure, we’re just halfway into the first month of the New Year. January comes with several expenses and for most people, everything somehow seems more costly when the year begins. This is understandably attributed to the fact that we often go overboard with our holiday spending. To some planning a getaway would seem unwise considering it’s January, but is it too early to start planning a vacation?

The answer is “no!” January and February are actually the best times to plan a vacation. Travelling isn’t cheap but you can pull off a great vacation in these first two months. Here’s why you should plan a vacation in January or February:

1. You’ll get cheaper fares

Let’s face it, travelling is not cheap, especially if you’ll be using flights. It is especially costly during the festive season but once the New Year gets here, that changes. This is due to the fact that most people have to go back to their normal lives and daily routines. Flights offer great deals for the first few weeks of the year which could see you save quite some money. So, in case you don’t want to vacation particularly in January, you can still get cheaper airfares for the rest of the year during this time.

As children are also back in school, you will be able to find great road transport too at such an affordable rate since the number of people travelling to tourism destinations is significantly lower.

2. You’ll get great accommodation rates

Just like airlines, accommodation facilities are also available in January at more affordable rates. This is considering the high season is over and more people have gone back to their homes. So, if you’ve been eyeing a hotel or resort for some time or were perhaps unable to get to it in the high season because of the cost, take advantage now. You will have better access to the facilities and activities these hotels offer including boat rides, complimentary meals, water activities, game drives and so much more at a great all-inclusive price.

3. There’s less congestion

Beaches, parks, museums and other such facilities that you would normally want to visit are often packed during the festive season. However, you should consider planning a vacation in January or February because there is no congestion on attraction sites. This means you will be able to get the best experience while there. There will be more guides available to take you round if you need to see more places. You also won’t need to queue much at banks or supermarkets in these tourist destination areas so service is offered quickly. This is particularly helpful if you have young children as they won’t get too restless or nervous while you wait to be served.

4. It’s generally safer

A crime such as theft is more likely to be committed in an area that’s packed, especially if the people are not from within the area. This is because with congestion comes distraction. However, you don’t need to worry too much about this since January and February have fewer people in these areas. You’ll be able to walk freely around the towns and cities without worrying about this.

5. It’s easier to get time off

Most people will prefer to take a leave off work in months like December or sometime within the year, during weekends that have public or religious holidays and the likes. In most cases, almost everyone’s back at work in January and February with no intentions of taking time off. After all, these two months come right after the Christmas break. This makes it easier for you to take some time off for a holiday as there will most likely be someone to handle your tasks while you are away.

Wondering where to go? Well, our resorts in both Nakuru and Diani are open to guests. You will definitely enjoy the serene and eco-friendly surroundings of Ziwa Bush Lodge in Nakuru. If you prefer a vacation on the coast, Aqua resort is a wonderful choice considering the proximity to the beach and other amenities that will make your vacation worthwhile.

It’s not too early to plan a vacation. January and February enable you to save more so that you're able to see and enjoy even more attractions.

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