• Sophie Atieno

My 2-Night Stay at the Ziwa Bush Lodge Private Cabin

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

A few weeks ago, we shared a post letting you know that it’s not too early to go on vacation. So in a bid to drink the water that we preach, I decided to take one, and what better place to go on vacation on the mainland than Ziwa Bush Lodge?

I set out on Thursday morning together with my sister for the resort. It’s a journey that took a little over 3 hours considering how slow the driver was but what matters is that we finally arrived in Nakuru Town safely. Usually, a trip to Nakuru from Nairobi would take you just 2 and a half hours.

Upon arrival at the town, we each took a motorbike to the resort, located 15 kilometres away from the town centre on a vast piece of land. It’s a beautiful and very quiet location that makes you feel like you’re far away from any troubles in the world.

I must commend the receptionist that received us. She was warm and was also very fast with the check-in process. This was great considering how exhausted we were. With the help of another lady, they took our bags and guided us to the newly built Ziwa Private Cabin, our home for the first two nights there.

As we walked to the cabin, I couldn’t help but fall in love with the surrounding. The landscape was beautiful and so was the compound. I also loved the idea of staying in a newly built place. It was a simple white building that looked big enough for a family, and well, it sure is.

First, the dark door (in the first picture) that leads you to the inside of the house already provides a great contrast to the white building.

The cabin’s living space was lovely. So minimalist, proving that less is more. It had just what you need in a livingroom that is, two comfortable couches, a table, a TV mounted on the wall, a phone, some plants to add life to the minimalist room and some large windows for good lighting.

Since it’s an open plan cabin, the kitchen was right next to the living area. Funny, it was my favorite room in the entire house. I found it so aesthetically pleasing, being predominantly black and white. I loved that the cabinets were white with black handles, the cutlery was mostly black and so were the electronics.

The Ziwa Bush Lodge Cabin is self-catering meaning the kitchen has everything you need should you choose to cook your own meals while on vacation. A microwave, a cooker, a fridge, a toaster, you name it.

Adjacent to the kitchen was an extra room where I guess you can do any extra cleaning, and its door also leads you outside.

This Ziwa Bush Lodge cabin has a shared bathroom area. It’s such a spacious washroom and in my opinion, the grey tiles made the bathroom even more aesthetically pleasing. Everything’s new and the shower gets as hot as you want it to be.

So, of course, I stayed in the master bedroom of the cabin. I absolutely loved it. First, there was a huge four-poster bed just for me. I can tell you, it was so comfortable and the white bedding made it look even better. The bedroom had a huge window making it so well lit. It‘s part of the reason I found myself waking up so early because as soon as the sun would come up the entire room would be filled with so much light. It had sufficient closet space and a TV mounted on the wall.