My Night at Ziwa Bush Lodge

“I often think about my trip to Ziwa Bush Lodge, now more than ever since I am cooped up at home with my family yearning for an adventure. Last year, I set out to Nakuru with two colleagues for a staycation - a breather from our hectic schedules if you may.

Day 1

With our overnight bags in tow, we set out for Nakuru in the early morning. The view as we went up the countryside was enchanting - the sprawling endless tea farms in Limuru, the magnificent Rift Valley in its grandeur, the clear morning skies. I was in awe, to say the least, no photograph could do that sight justice.

We arrived in Nakuru at midday and since we still had a few hours to check-in, we set out to discover the town. As is with every traveler, we yearned to discover what culinary experiences were available in the town. Our search led us to a family-owned restaurant tucked in the middle of the Central Business District. The interiors were unmatched - with industrial light fixtures and accents and monotone paint that highlighted the modern furnishings. After lunch, we had the pleasure of viewing Nakuru’s tallest building. Its 11th floor offers an amazing observation deck with a spectacular view of the town and its environs.

I don’t remember where the time went, but it was headed to 6pm and thus, our excursions of this Rift Valley town had to come to an end. We set off to Ziwa Bush Lodge, a few kilometres from Nakuru town. We arrived as the sun was going down, to a warm welcome by the Ziwa staff.

Through the lodge’s winding paths that almost mimic a nature trail, the staff ushered us to our villa. Our villa was simply exquisite- a well-curated collection of colours, textures and styles that perfectly complement the surrounding savannah. The rustic furnishings complete the lodge, with earthy tones to build on its African theme.

We headed to the restaurant for a three-course dinner. (talk a little about the food here. People love to hear food descriptions) We then retreated to our villa for the night, greeted by the warmth of the flames coming from the fireplace the staff organized. I must say, their turn-down service is impeccable and well-timed.

Day 2- Last Day In Nakuru

We woke up to the faint chirping of birds and golden rays of the morning sun seeping into our villa. The silence was soothing, sporadically being broken by the bird’s chorus and gentle winds. It was soon time for breakfast and we headed out to the restaurant. Their breakfast menu is wide and includes a personal favorite - Build Your Own omelet option.. (again, talk a little about what you chose to eat and the warm cup of tea here?) We sat by the small dam, which also provides a ground for fishing and chatted through breakfast as we caught up on life. I would say this is r by far the best breakfast I have ever had. The pastries and fruit juices were fresh and delicious, the entire buffet was well presented and the warm service made it all better. I would have loved to stay for another night to experience more of what Ziwa has to offer.

It was finally time to check out and the ever-helpful staff helped us carry our luggage to the reception where our ride back to Nairobi awaited us.

In summary, would I recommend a visit to Ziwa Bush Lodge? Definitely! It’s a worthwhile experience that I would recommend for any family that seeks to unwind and reconnect away from the hustle and bustle of the city. I would go back in a heartbeat if an opportunity arises - I guess I should start planning a vacation once we are all in the clear. “

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