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My Tour of The Ziwa Bush Lodge Cottages

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

On the second day of my stay at the Ziwa Bush Lodge, I figured it was only right for me to take a tour around the place. After all, if it sits on such a large piece of land, there’s definitely so much to see.

We walked on the nice and clean paths leading to the different places within the resort. There were several trees and bushes around as if to explain why the resort’s name includes the words “Bush Lodge” in it. I was impressed by the variety of accommodation options present and today, I’ll talk specifically about the cottages.

According to our guide, the Ziwa Bush Lodge has ten rooms(cottages). Seven are executive while three are standard rooms. The executive rooms are bigger and have at least a double bed inside and an extra single bed too. The standard rooms are smaller and have single beds inside.

The outside of the cottage was already impressive. It already communicated that the décor would mostly be African inspired, which completely aligns with the name “Ziwa” a Swahili word. At the verandah, there were two seats and a small table made in a traditional African design. They easily remind one of the ones you will often find at your ancestral home.

Upon opening the door, we were welcomed by the beautiful décor that made the cottage look so warm. It felt like home. The first thing you see is a large double bed, a four-poster one with crisp and clean white bedding with some golden pillows and a fringed throw adding a beautiful contrast to the classic whites.

I loved the mirror on the right as you face the bed. It was large with a beautiful African-themed frame and on the same side was a wood carving of what looked like a person from the Maasai community. There were two simple lamp sheds and the wooden flooring perfectly blended with everything else in the room.

This particular cottage had an extra bed. It was a simple single bed that you can use in case you came with an extra guest. There was also a cabinet on the side big enough for the clothes you would carry for a holiday at the resort.

Since it can get quite cold in Nakuru, there were some extra blankets in the cabinet. In the room, you also get two comfortable seats so that you don’t always have to sit on the beds.

As you walk towards the bathroom area, there’s a bench and two large windows. You can sit on the bench or even put some of your shower essentials, products and the likes on it while you prepare to take a bath. There’s another large mirror above the sink, this time, with a plain frame.

I really loved the bathroom. It was unique in a lot of ways, but it’s the stone wall in the shower area that impressed me the most. I feel like it adds something extra to the otherwise purely white walls. The flooring is also different and once you turn on the lights, the entire bathroom feels even warmer.

I’d highly recommend the Ziwa cottages if you’re looking to go on vacation to Nakuru. Besides, while you stay in the beautiful cottage, you get to enjoy every other facility on the resort. These facilities include an onsite restaurant and a pool.

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