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The History of Customer Service Week-How to Celebrate

Updated: Oct 19, 2020


Happy Customer Service Week!

You’ve probably been receiving texts and emails from different companies wishing you a great Customer Service Week, but do you know what this particular week is all about?

We decided to step away from our normal blog posts this week to give you some insight as to what this week means in the business world and to you the customer.

First, Customer Service Week is marked internationally. It’s a global celebration of just how important customer service is, and of the people who provide this support and service to the customers daily, but how did it start?

Back in 1992, the U.S Congress declared the week a recognized national event that would be celebrated every year during the first full week of October. Since the proclamation by congress, every year a body called the Customer Service Group would sponsor the week’s program giving guidelines on how to go about it, providing different materials with the Customer Service Week logo and most of all, inspiring all those people who go out of their way everyday to give service and support to customers. It also gave a platform for these service professionals to share ideas, plans and stories.

Well, this practice gained traction with different countries joining in the bandwagon and well, here we are. Every year comes with a different theme for customer service week. Different companies celebrate it in different ways too.

How to celebrate Customer Service Week

As we’ve mentioned, with the many companies that exist in the world today, there are different ways in which you can celebrate Customer Service Week. For example:

1. Provide training for the customer service team

As a way of celebrating and appreciating the customer service team, this is a great way for companies to facilitate the improvement and development of these teams. It encourages them, boosts their spirits and makes them feel appreciated.

2. Recognize outstanding employees

Customer service week is a great opportunity for you to recognize the outstanding employees and their efforts in providing only the best service to customers.

3. Involve customers

Since this week is as much about customers as it is about the customer service providers, a number of companies involve their esteem customers in their week’s celebrations. As a company, you could make special efforts to appreciate them for all the business they bring. You could also involve them in thanking the customer service team for exceptional service and invite them to share more about their experience with your company.

4. Plan fun exercises or activities for the entire week

It’s worth planning activities that are outside the norm during this week. For example, you could have the company leaders swap places with the customer service team and carry out some of their tasks for example picking calls and handling complaints. This helps them appreciate the team’s daily efforts.

5. Have entertainment and other treats at work

Well, all work with no play makes everyone dull right? So having some entertainment at work including some music and games goes a long way in improving the mood. You can have both the staff and customers participate and everyone can have a good time, of course responsibly as business needs to go on later.

So there you go. A few notes on Customer Service Week and with the current situation, these practices can be observed virtually too.

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