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The Perfect Vacation- My Stay at Aqua Resort in Diani Kenya

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

I’m sitting in an office on a Monday morning just reminiscing on where I was two weeks ago at a time like this! At the paradise that is Aqua Resort in the beautiful town of Diani.

For months, I’d been writing about the South Coast town, looking up more information about it and encouraging people to get out and rediscover their freedom especially after months of lockdown. The more I did it the more I felt the need to do the same because just like everyone else, I was cooped up at home for months. I felt like I also deserved a vacation.

I left Nairobi and headed for Diani with a friend expecting nothing but an unforgettable experience and believe me when I say, what I found there was beyond my expectation.

Having left Nairobi on an extremely cold, misty and rainy day, weather that saw the airline delay our flight by close to two hours, it was exciting to land and be greeted by the warm Diani weather. It was just what we needed. My friend and I headed to our resort, of course, that’s Aqua Resort, excited about our 4-night stay there.

I loved that the place was just under ten minutes from the airstrip but I have to say that the location is great especially because there’s so much beauty along the way so my excitement increased as we rode the tuk-tuk there.

Upon arrival, we were warmly welcomed and shown to our villa, an exquisite one that felt like a home away from home. First, I could see the ocean from outside as our host opened the door and the view from there was simply breathtaking.

The living space which is the first room you see was nothing short of amazing. It was spacious, well-furnished and had simple minimalist décor. It had just enough sofas, a flat-screen TV and the balcony could be seen right through a second door that was on our left.

There was an open-plan kitchen, fully-equipped adjacent to the living area. In it was a fridge, a toaster, an oven, a large enough sink, some large cupboards and drawers providing more than enough storage space.

The villa had two bathrooms, both spacious with a hot shower and large enough mirrors.

The bedrooms made me look forward to bedtime, so large with good lighting, crisp white bedding and a huge wardrobe in both rooms for you to store all your clothes, shoes, bags and everything else you like to keep in your wardrobe normally.

Should you be the one staying in the master room which was the case for me, you’ll be glad to know that the master room is connected to the balcony which has a six-seater dining table and offers a great sea view if you’re in the upper floors.

I loved that the resort, aside from being just a stone-throw away from the beautiful beach, is near different amenities. It’s just a few metres away from a few supermarkets, mini markets and restaurants.

While there, should you realize you’re out of supplies, no need to panic as it’s easy to walk to the nearest shops.

The strategic location made our work easier as we never paid more than Ksh. 50 for a tuk-tuk ride, which is the most common means of transport there, despite using them every time we stepped out.

For all the times we had to be picked up by different companies for our various excursions, it was easy to explain our location to them and none of their drivers got lost. Aqua Resort is easy to find and because of that, we were always on time for those excursions.

Everyday, our rooms were properly cleaned when we were away and our belongings were handled with care which we really appreciated because we lost no valuables and nothing was destroyed.

The pool area was always clean and the surrounding area was beautiful.

Aqua Resort made for the perfect accommodation facility because it’s in a private area with no noise at all in the evenings. After a long day of fun outdoors, my friend and I would always look forward to the relaxing evenings indoors.

Thanks to the air-conditioned rooms, we were always comfortable despite the coastal heat but during times that the breeze was cooler, we would wrap ourselves in the soft, comfortable blankets provided by the resort.

My friend and I enjoyed our stay at Aqua Resort and it goes without saying that every single day we spent in Diani was a highlight and I would certainly go back.

Below is a video of the villa tour and a bit of the surrounding for you to see the place better.

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