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Top 5 Great Vacation Spots in Kenya for Christmas 2020

It’s the festive season and after several tough months, it’s about time to take a breather and what better way to do so than a vacation?

For a while, travel was banned and we all had to be cooped up at home most of the time, but not anymore. We can now travel and the best part is, most tourist attraction sites, hotels, resorts and holiday homes have taken the necessary precautions to keep you safe while you enjoy your vacation. So, where should you go?

Fortunately, Kenya is rich in great vacation spots that would make for a great holiday whether exotic destinations, beach vacations and several others. In case you’re wondering where to go this Christmas, here are top 5 great vacation spots in Kenya for Christmas 2020:

1. Diani

Diani is a breathtaking coastal area with the most breathtaking stretch of white sandy beach along the vast Indian Ocean. It’s popular for its natural charm and the friendly nature of the town’s people who are always more than willing to offer guidance and assistance to tourists, making it a great vacation spot for Christmas this 2020. It’s a tranquil area, definitely what you need after all the chaos that have come with 2020.

The area consists of the most exquisite hotels and amazing villas which are mostly near different amenities. They’re easily accessible so no worries about how to get there. You can also count on the weather being excellent. You can carry out several activities at the beach such as snorkeling, jet skiing and so much more which will definitely make your Christmas memories even better.

2. Lamu

Still on the Kenyan coast, another amazing vacation spot for Christmas 2020 is the beautiful island of Lamu. It’s a breathtaking place, literally what island fantasies and dreams are made of. The Island comprises Swahili architecture, rich culture which includes delicious food and friendly Swahili people who will willingly tell you stories about their way of life. The most interesting thing is that the town has had no foreign interference so you will experience so much authenticity while there during this festive season.

While there, you can watch the beautiful sunsets in the evening dhow cruises. You can visit Shela Island, buy beautiful souvenirs, handmade jewellery designed by the local people. There’s so much to enjoy, you’ll have a hard time leaving.

3. Nakuru

If you prefer to go on a Christmas vacation this 2020 but somewhere on the mainland then Nakuru is a great option. You will fall in love with this town that is home to Lake Nakuru and beautiful flamingoes. The town also has the Lake Nakuru National Park which has several different animal species you will love to see. The town is also known for Lord Egerton Castle that has a rich history attached to it.

The town also has several resorts and hotels located in areas that allow you to enjoy the breathtaking scenery. In these, you can just enjoy your vacation relaxing as you reenergize for the next year.

4. Mount Kenya

Mount Kenya is undoubtedly one of the most breathtaking regions in Kenya and this is to a great extent attributed to the famous Mount Kenya. You can spend your holidays in one of the campsites in the area if you’re seeking a unique experience. It’s a great area for bird watching so count on catching a glimpse of unique and rare tropical birds. In the company of a tour guide, you could go on an adventure in the ecological zones. The guided walks allow you to relax as you take in the beauty of the environment.

5. Naivasha

Last on our top 5 great vacation spots for Christmas 2020 is the town of Naivasha, not too far from Nakuru. Naivasha is a paradise, a popular destination for people seeking some time away from the hustle of the city. The town is famous for Hell’s Gate which offers spectacular scenery.

You can explore the area by cycling, or just take guided walks. You can also visit the Cresent Island Game Park where you can interact with wildlife up close. The Lake Naivasha Panorama Park area will make you feel like you’re home away from home during this festive season.

These top 5 great vacation spots in Kenya should get you started on planning your Christmas vacation 2020. That said, if you prefer owning a holiday home instead, one that you and your family can stay in during Christmas vacations and other holidays, you can start your journey of owning a luxury holiday home for a fraction of the price by following this link.

Got any questions about luxury travel in Kenya during Christmas 2020, talk to us on our social media, Fractional Warehouse on Facebook and @fractionalwarehouse on Instagram. We also encourage you to look through our Fractional Warehouse website for more insights on holidays and luxury travel.

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