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Top 5 Reasons why you should use luxury travel Advisors

In our last post, we talked about Aqua, a luxury resort in Diani that makes for the perfect place to stay at while on vacation in the beautiful coastal town.

Today, we discuss why you should start planning your next vacation, but with the help of luxury travel agents.

While booking your luxury travel adventure by yourself might seem like the best option, this is not the case. Sure, you’ll get to save on the cash you would have used to pay a travel agent as commission fee but there’s a reason why these agents are important.

Since you’re considering luxury travel anyway, your taste runs along the lines of the best luxury hotels and products from airlines and a travel agent can help with that. They not only book your luxury travel but also ensure you get the most unforgettable experience.

Here are the top five reasons why you should use luxury travel advisors:

1. Luxury travel advisors get you hotel upgrades

Great travel agents are important because they are members of different partner programs that allow them to upgrade their clients during check-in or their stay there.

Sometimes, an opportunity for an upgrade in a hotel arises and if you had booked a room by yourself that’s the same as one booked by a luxury travel advisor for a client, the latter will get the upgrade and not you. This is because such upgrades are among the partner programs' benefits travel agents get.

2. Luxury travel agents get you complimentary meals

A great trip is not complete without tasty meals and rounds of amazing drinks from juices to cocktails, fresh pastries and many more house-made specials. While staying in a luxury hotel is already a guarantee that you will get great meals, with the help of a luxury travel advisor, you can get daily complimentary ones which in most cases are part of the benefits of working with partner programs.

3. Luxury travel agents provide sound advice on the destination and hotel

When you decide to go on a trip, you need to know as much as possible about your destination right?

Well, luxury travel agents are important because they have a wealth of information on different destinations. In most cases, they’re also well-travelled. They always know the best places to stay at, the best activities to engage in and the things that suit your specific luxury travel style and preferences. This also goes a long way in saving you time that you could have used to research on the destination.

4. Luxury travel advisors provide quick solutions to problems

While you’re less likely to experience problems at a luxury hotel or destination, it could still happen but your luxury travel advisor will liaise with the management to ensure everything possible is done to resolve your problem. They’re also usually in contact with relevant authorities and always know who to communicate with if there’s an issue with documentation or means of travel.

5. Luxury travel agents are on top of emerging trends

Our final reason why travel agents are important is that they are always on top of what’s new when it comes to luxury travel. Whether it’s a new service or interesting offer by an airline, a resort, luxury hotel or any other service providers. They always know about any exclusive access available for events too.

Having given these 5 reasons why you should use a luxury travel advisor, why not get straight to it?

You can also skip the hotel stays and opt for a luxury home instead. This will make you feel like you’re home away from home.

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